About Us

Franklin United was established in 2016 with the vision to create a sustainable pathway to the top level for all football players, coaches and referees in the Franklin Community. To make this possible, Franklin United was created as a joint venture so that it could assist in building extensive partnerships between all Franklin community football clubs, whilst at the same time establishing a pathway for elite players within the area.

The Franklin region lies across Drury to Mercer (north to south), and Waiuku to Bombay (west to east) with Pukekohe sitting in the centre. It is estimated that there are two to three thousand people involved within football in our area, with more expected to settle in the area and become involved within the next five years.

We are challenging ourselves to change history and the past has shown us that the more talented youth players in our region have had to pursue their goals by joining an inner city club outside of the Franklin area. Without Franklin United, the opportunity for a pathway does not exist and this is putting extra pressure on local households and families, both socially and financially. Such local initiatives can reduce the environmental footprint of football.

To solve this and therefore keep this venture sustainable, Franklin United need to give our players the opportunity to develop their talent and see a pathway forward. The plan is to continually focus on resources available to the youth in the Franklin area. This is a two pronged attack. Firstly it is important to develop coaches and ensure they are getting the support and training needed to coach at the highest level. Secondly, Franklin United must have a strong combination of experienced senior players to provide mentoring and leadership in a game situation as the young players are being introduced in to senior football.

These are the awesome people who make Franklin United what it is.

Mark Holt
1st Team Head Coach and Head of Football
Angela Munro
Tam Cramer
U23's Coach and Social Media
Reaz Moorad
Goal Keeper Coach
Henry Fa’arodo
Football Development, Womens Coach and 1st Team Pl
Chris Brett
U17s Coach and 1st Team Player
Stephen Ashby-Peckham
Youth Coach and 1st Team Player
Rahul Rattan
First Team Manager and U17's Coach
Robert Hatton
First Team Manager and Photographer
Jordan Taggart
Youth Coach and 1st Team Player
Keshav Singh
Junior Coach and 1st Team Player
Ben Pivott
Junior Coach and 1st Team Player